DocCheck® Login – Your online access to healthcare professionals

With more than 1.000.000 registered users, DocCheck is the No. 1 portal for healthcare professionals in Europe.

With the DocCheck login system you can easily create a secure area on your
website which is only accessible to healthcare professionals. With the free-ofcharge
Basic License you can use the DocCheck infrastructure for user registration,
support, and profession check. All you need to do is create and configure a
DocCheck Login at the online platform DocCheck CReaM. Just integrate the HTML
code for the IFRAME containing the login form into your website and you are done.

The Basic license secures the protected area of the website only by
redirecting the visitor to the landing URL after checking the profession. Additional
security (e.g. passing a session ID through the login) is possible with the Economy
and Business licenses .

Contact : Luc Baert