The manufacturers of (para) pharmaceutical products have a lot of useful information at their disposal. Unfortunately, due to the dispersion of information and the multitude of different formats, it is very difficult to transmit these data quickly and effectively to the end user.  But now, thanks to the Medipim online platform (Medical Product Information Manager), you can manage your product information directly in one single location.

Medipim is able to diffuse the information on every kind of screen or device used by health professionals. From PC to smartphone, from brochure to  video, doctors and pharmacists can convey to patients additional information, regularly updated, in order to help obtain the proper use of the prescribed or recommended product.


Our Medipim online platform offers you :

  • A central platform for managing your communications B to B and B to C
  • Continuously updated content
  • A database full of packaging images, which is unique in Belgium
  • Essential business partners (Febelco, Baldwin, MWS)
  • Innovative solutions to distribute your information

More questions ?

Contact : Luc Baert